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Development Office for Applied Physics and Engineering

Dr. Rudolf R.H. Dittrich, S/W Development Office for Applied Physics and Engineering.
(Image courtesy of Klaus Ditté, www.fine-photography.de, Passau, Germany. Copyright © 2011.)

Welcome to our Development Office

Dear customer:
I welcome you to my online office where you will find a brief overview of our range of software-related business activities.

Being an independent physicist with an applied physics background and corresponding experience in several industries, I and my office are currently offering object-oriented software development and web engineering services for the Windows® and Linux operating systems, and for embedded system applications with a main focus on

  • Applied physics and engineering related software development projects (data evaluation; computational physics; modeling of physical and engineering systems; complex systems applications; etc.)
  • Customized numerical simulation algorithms
  • Embedded systems software development, including
  • Computer instrumentation and  
  • Real-time programming applications, and
  • Data acquisition and data evaluation software.

The office's work covers the whole range of the software's life cycle, including software architecture, project management, software integration and related documentation services.

You are invited to enter our office's showroom for additional detail. Simply click on the following link:

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All new customers are welcome!

In case you are interested in receiving additional information, you may always contact the office using the address given on the site info, or the contact information page.

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